In 1950, the central government implemented self-governance in Taiwan for the first time in history and returned the power to the people. Changhua County Government followed the rules of “An Outline for the Implementation of Local Self-Government” and “City Councilors and County Councilors in Taiwan Province Election and Recall Procedures” to divide 26 townships into 10 election districts and approve number of councilors in each election district in accordance with the population ration.


The first Changhua County Council was established and held the first meeting on Feb. 4, 1951. 10 election districts become 9 election districts in 1953. Since then, the number of councilors in each election district would be appropriately adjusted according to the population ration. Changhua county Council hence supervised county policies and ended up a strong power to push Changhua County to keep improving.


Seventy decades later, Changhua County Council now enters its 20th term. The county is divided into nine election districts with a total of 54 seats.

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