Duties and Rights of the Council

Based on the article 36 of Local System Law, the council has 10 items of duties and rights.

  • Resolve regulation of the county.
  • Resolve budget of the county.
  • Resolve special levies, temporary levies and additional levies of the county.
  • Resolve properties handling for the county.
  • Resolve autonomy regulations of the county government together with its relevant businesses.
  • Resolve proposals from the county government.
  • Deliberate the examining reports of final accounting for the county.
  • Resolve proposals from the councilors.
  • Adopt petitions from county duties.
  • Other commissions on the basis of the law or superior statutes.

Besides, in accordance with article 48 of the same law, during each regular meeting session, the county magistrate should submit administration reports, and all the chiefs of first class departments and auxiliaries under county government ought to propose their business reports and adopt interpellations from the councilors if necessary.

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