Council System

The Speaker and deputy Speaker of the Council are elected separately through secret ballots by all councilors after their inaugurations. The council is managed by the Speaker, in case the Speaker can't execute his duty, deputy Speaker should act for him. If the Speaker and deputy Speaker could not perform their duties at the same time, then the Speaker should appoint a councilor to handle related businesses, otherwise the councilors may elect one of them to handle related businesses. During the meeting, the Speaker is the chairman, the deputy Speaker will be sitting in as chairman when the Speaker is absent. In case both of them are absent, then the present councilors may elect one of them to be the chairman of the meeting.

  • All the councilors are elected by the county's constituents.
  • According to the electoral law, R.O.C. citizens who are 20 years old or above and have at least 4 months residence in the election district of the county, will be electors.
  • Electors, who are 23 years old or above could register to be the candidate of official position in their election districts.
  • According to article 6 of the “local legislative organization criteria”, it regulates that there are 54 councilors this term, including one aboriginal and 11 seats of reserved councilwomen.
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